Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Jacquins in Newtonmore Tour Day 6

Another early start had us on a train to Kingussie where we gave another Live Music Now concert in a care home, which was a lot of fun – Jessie’s vocal rendition of Summertime had everyone in tears… some day she’ll manage to sing it in tune!

After a spot of lunch and a quick catch up on the Olympic curling (#lovecurling), we had a short trip to Newtonmore for our last concert of the tour. We were met by our host Roy and shown to our lovely B&B accommodation. After a quick cup of tea, we headed straight up to the church to rehearse – no rest for the Jacquins! Charis did very well with the fourth upright piano of the tour, and Jessie and Zoe worked hard to try and avoid drowning her out! A glutton for punishment, the ever industrious Charis stayed behind after rehearsal to practice, while Jessie and Zoe headed for a pre concert power nap. After a quick meal in the Newtonmore Grill – a bizarrely American style truck stop with pretty good food, we got ready for our final concert. As we have come to expect, our contemporary works divided audiences the most, with one of our hosts announcing “If I was Schumann, I wouldn’t want that kind of tribute. It was horrible!” after our performance of Kurtag’s Hommage a R. Sch, but another audience member saying that the Huw Watkins work was his favourite in the whole programme. It’s been so interesting to see the different reactions to our more contemporary works in our programme. We’re delighted we’ve brought some music that might never 
otherwise made it to places like the Isle of Skye and Newtonmore – a reaction of disgust to a piece of music is as artistically important as rapturous adoration! After the concert we were treated to a little party, and had a great laugh with our hosts into the wee hours. Tired and bleary eyed, but happily full of a proper Scottish fry up (complete with haggis) we are finally making our way back down to London, where the scenery is certainly not as impressive, but the phone signal and wifi will at least make up for some of it’s greyness!

Thanks to all of our amazing hosts this week, and to the Tunnell Trust for a brilliant itinerary that saw us take in some of the most spectacular scenery the country has to offer, and play some great music to some very appreciative Scottish audiences.

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