Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Currently flying somewhere over Milton Keynes we thought this would be the perfect moment to write the first diary entry of our Scotland Tour. As with every airport experience we have, the highlight is not the Duty Free, the exciting selection of caf├ęs or the extensive selection of beverages at the World of Whiskies (which we definitely didn't visit this morning), it is watching the horror and disbelief on the faces of all the business class passengers as Jonathan, cello on back, smug grin on face, gently waltzes past them at the gate to be boarded first on the plane. British Airways - 'cello class'. 

Tonight's concert, the first of 10 here in Scotland over the next 11 days, is at Music in Peebles. Perhaps the most active twittering concert organisation we've had social media contact with so far, we are very much looking forward to meeting the team behind the tweets in a few hours! Oh and some Haydn, Mendelssohn & Brahms too! 

Signing off from 30,000ft.


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