Wednesday, 19 March 2014



Today's journey was from Glasgow to Stranraer. We were told to take the coast road as it would be more beautiful so we did. And it was. One of the most remarkable sights we came across was this small volcanic island that popped up on the horizon. Apparently it's for sale - anyone fancy a bit (actually rather a lot!) of solitude for £1.5m?

The venue for the evening concert was the cinema hall inside the local Leisure Centre. As unusual as that sounds were greeted with warmth and love for music, and with a little help from some well placed lighting we managed to create an intimate atmosphere for the evenings event. 

Afterwards we sampled some local food in the form of a Chinese meal (apparently the only good restaurant open late enough for us to eat post-concert in Stranraer!) and settled down in a beautiful little B & B.


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