Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Jacquins in Fort William Tour Day 4

The four-hour train journey from Glasgow to Fort William was so spectacular we had to try to resist falling asleep so as not to miss the snow capped mountains, lake filled valleys and deer running through the white fields! Our sprightly 82-year-old host Ray met us from the train and took us for tea and cake before heading to Lochaber High School. It turned out that the heating was broken in the room we were to perform in, so we had to think on our feet. Where to perform? The gym? Freezing. The dance studio? Freezing? The corridor?? Toasty warm! We shifted the piano, chairs, bins and tables and created a new pop up recital hall with spectacular views of Ben Dearg Mountain, and lovely security lights outside! We even managed to fashion a bass drum of sorts for the Kurtag from a drum head Zoe found in the drama rehearsal studio! Despite all odds, we had a lovely concert with an extremely receptive and open minded audience, who patiently put up with an automatic door that clicked…atmospherically…all the way through the first half! After the concert we headed off to Roy Bridge, where our lovely host whipped up some Manhattan cocktails, a moussaska at midnight and a few drams of whisky in the wee hours. To our shame, the Jacquins disappointed our young-at-heart host by only managing to stay up till 2am!

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