Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Jacquins in Milngavie Tour Day 3

What a romantic way to spend Valentines Day! The very friendly men in charge of the Merchant’s Hall let Charis and Jessie in the next morning for a spot of practice and Zoe hit Glasgow’s art galleries, before we all set off on the train to Milngavie. Cairns Church has been recently renovated and provided a beautiful atmospheric venue for our third Tunnell concert. The audience were the most receptive to the contemporary music on our programme so far, with comments about Kurtag’s “dark and intense sound world” and Huw Watkins’ “remarkably nuanced instrumentation and colour”. We were each hosted in three separate houses with lovely post concert suppers and breakfasts the next morning. Jessie was treated to a delicious game casserole  - pheasant and pigeon being added to our culinary adventure!

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