Friday, 14 February 2014

Dumfries and Lanark Day 3+4 - MWQ

Today the Marylebone Winds made their way to Dumfries - not too far from Pollok, for their 3rd concert of the series. A much bigger concert venue of a church but still with an atmosphere of interest. The concert went well with some of our members staying at the ex head of the music societies house, Luke. With myself (Dom) Fraser and Max staying at a B&B. the morning after we headed over to Luke's to pick up Tom and David and Luke was kind enough to show us round his house and his neighbouring workshop. As he is an interior designer it really was worth the see. We drove on to Lanark but we had lots of time to spare so stopped off at a lovely castle for a walk around the grounds. Can't remember for the life of me what the name of it was!

After arriving in Lanark it began to absolutely pelt it down with snow, giving us some slight concern for our trip tomorrow to the Isle of Arran! But it ceased just before the concert which was a really lovely affair. With the music club set out with mini tables and chairs around them, all facing the stage, it was almost like playing in a Cabaret club, and the bar was flowing all night. We had a great atmosphere and all our talking to the audience went down really well. We had a lovely lady come and give us some scores and parts for her compositions she wants us to play, and we had a gentleman who was at music college with Paul Patterson, one of the composers in our programme. We had a lovely time afterwards with the music club members who made us feel really welcome, taking us to the local chippy and the pub (£2 a pint - very different to London!!).

We have a very early morning tomorrow so I will not badger on! 6am get up to get to the Ferry at Isle of Arran and a 1.30pm concert. It's going to be a tiring day! But we are all enjoying our tour so much and it's lovely to hear such wonderful feedback after the concerts and how people have enjoyed their nights so much, even on valentines day!!

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