Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Kintyre Day 1 - MWQ

The Marylebone wind quintet made an early morning today, catching a 7.30am train from London up to Glasgow. We have a nice and spacious touring vehicle to get us around the place with our lead driver, local Glaswegian Fraser MacAulay.
We made an epic journey to Campbelltown, a remote village with a population amazingly of 5000.

After a quick sound check we went to our hosts Iain and Anne Norrie's house for a lovely dinner before quickly heading back to the hall for our concert.  A small and intimate affair, with old and young all enjoying the varied programme we gave. The children there paticularly enjoyed our quick introduction to each wind instrument we gave including excerpts from peter and the wolf and rhapsodie in blue!
After a successful first concert, and being up nearly 17 hours it was fair to say we were all knackered! We were treated to a nice few post gig drinks back at our hosts house and a lovely warm bedroom each. (Seems wrong not to try whiskey in a Scotland!)
The breakfast really set the bar high for the week! Smoked salmon with scrambled eggs and croissant. Our hosts really rose to the occasion.
We are now on our way back to Glasgow to Pollock House, for our concert this evening. The weather has become very wet and windy with occasional snow... Fingers crossed for our journeys later this week.

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