Thursday, 13 February 2014

Pollok Day 2 - MWQ

Today we made our journey to Pollok, just south of Glasgow. The weather on the way from Campbelltown was extremely windy, snowy and very rainy but we made it!
The concert was set in the central library of the Pollok House, a beautiful old house with gorgeous art work and decor. 

The concert was another intimate affair with people sat either side of the group, and the quintet playing in a circle - and we had some lovely comments from the audience afterwards. Our programme includes Elliot Carter's Wind Quintet, which is quite modern, and not usually what the audiences we are playing to are used to, but they enjoyed it and said they enjoyed being stretched by new music which is great to hear after the hours it has taken to rehearse it!

We were invited to a lovely dinner afterwards in the Pollok House kitchens, and enjoyed some lovely food and drink with excellent company, meeting a variety of people. Fraser even found his second cousin, who last saw him when he was 18 months old!! Small world.
We stayed overnight at Katrina, our hosts house, one of the members of the music club. And with her 2 dogs and 3 cats, it was a really nice evening and morning. We split into 3 rooms, Tom and David took the reading room, Dom and Max, the spare twin room and we gave our driver Fraser the big double room - fairs fair! Again another lovely breakfast, with some more amazing Scottish porridge.
On route now to Dumfries,  a much shorter journey for our third concert, and miraculously it's not raining!

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